Children after using nappies/diapers are not immediately toilet-proof. It will take 2-3 years while children are still using potties. The use of potties involves a lot of inconveniences. A commonly used washable plastic potty can be uncomfortable, not hygienic. Children between the age of 1,5 to 4 are not provided with a disposable potty of the same comfort as it was in their nappy-world before. The comfort and ease of the nappy can be expanded. We need a solution which is:

•  Hygienic
•  Easy to carry
•  Quickly usable
•  Disposable
•  Cheap
•  Small

It is of essential importance to keep the safety of the children, by giving considerable supporting strength to the product!

After several alternative solutions, measurements, we chose the present form of the product . The tests were taken using different models, under static and dynamic loading.



The development, research, design has been going on for several years. The basic idea was a collapsible, small potty for children. With a consequent product-development approach, with a clear conception, permanent modeling, analyzing, improving, so the product is now ready to be successful.

The leader of the R&D team is teaching at the Department of Machine and Product Design, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The trademark of our product is: pottyflip®



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