AP System Ltd. was founded in 2004. Primary reason of the foundation of the company was to support the production of the patented paperboard product, being developed by the company.
The development, research, design has been going on for several years. With a consequent product-development approach, with a clear conception, permanent modeling, analyzing, improving – the product is now ready to be successful. The core of the Research & Design team was the research fellow of the Institute for Machine Design, Department of Product Development and Department for Machine Design at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
AP System was the first recognizing that there is a “gap” in the hygienic-market. Children after using nappies/diapers are not immediately toilet-proof. It will take 2-3 years while children are still using potties. The use of potties involves a lot of inconveniences. A commonly used washable plastic potty can be uncomfortable, not hygienic. Children between the age of 1,5 – 4 are not provided with a disposable potty of the same comfort as it was in their “nappy-world” before. The comfort and ease of the nappy can be expanded. We need a solution which is:
· Hygienic
· Easy to carry, quickly usable
· Disposable
· Cheap
· Small
After several years of development, with the help of experts the new product is ready to the production and market:
· A brand new mass product on the hygienic market
· A new market segment
The paperboard potty is made from corrugated paperboerd of high quality. It was of essential importance to keep the safety of the children, by giving considerable supporting strength to the product.
To develop an environment-friendly product was among the basic issues. The new product is made completely of biodegradable materials, the paperboard is mainly of re-usable paper. The paperboard potty is a water-saving, hygienic solution of a new concept.
The patent was submitted for all the main markets, all countries in EU, the USA, Asia. All the rights belong immediately to the team of development.


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